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Friends<3333...Gotta love them

Taylor--I seriously love you with all my heart <3. We got the power girlfriend. BFFE. Hey yeah and dontsteal our thing<333 Ilovetaywaymorethaniloveyou. Tanya-- I fricken love you girly friend!!!! **tanyer** ha ha remember bill? Great times.. great times. Ashley-- Omg your the greatest.. boy scouts love sugarplum bffl.. so many great times<3333 I coulnt live without you. Those movies that we made are the fricken best! Mander--Seriously I dont know what i would do without you..You made the star fish come alive.. 500 ft water tank which its only like 5 ft .. I dont need converse i got fat farms. Kelsey and Rachel.. You guys are like the best girls possible to live on this earth.. You both are the greatest!! I love you so much you guys. Maddison--I'm so glad we got to be friends this year!!! Health and Connections are pretty fun together<3333 Emily&&Christine I've known you guys for ever!! Bff :) ... Love you alll

Juicy baby<333

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mhmmm [Saturday
August 26th, 2006 ]
sooo<3. Yesterday i hung out with Taylor, Tanya, Brooke & Mel. First taylor was overr & we went to go pick up melll<3then me taylor tanya and mel hung out for a bitt. then we kept calling brooke, cause she wasnt sure if she was going to the mall or not. hahh but brooke came over. and today me and tanya went to the mall for school shopping and today i went for shirtssss. and after me tanya brooke and mel went to the bath city festivall and we rode a few rides. and there was kinda alot of poeople there. but yeah we went home kinda early from there cause tanya didnt feel good. but when me and tanya were sitting on some bench thingy, we seen my unlce alfy and i was like yeah hee looks like my uncle. then i started yelling his name and he like turned around and yeah=]<3well, imm done foor now hoess

July 27th, 2006 ]
[ mood | tired ]

mmmmmk. well today wasnt anything speciall. i gott up at 11:26 =] & got up and put up an away and layed in my bed with my doggie and slept until 2:15. lol;; then i got upp and went on the computer for awhile then my momma called me and when she got home i went to applebee's with her and after wen went to barnes and noble booksellers becuase she had a gift card. thenn after, i went home and went on the computer some more. and curled my hairr and took pictures and added them to myspace. tomorrow im finding outt if we're gonna get any deals on flights to new york. i think taylors gonna go with me there=] that should be fun i think. oh and i get my camera back tomorrow becuase it was getting fixedd so i think when i get that back me and my mom are gonna go to sams club and exchange it becuase its like brokeee =/.uh yeah and when we go to new yorkk we get to go see the statue of liberty and go to the atlantic oceannn and stuff. but yeahhhhh



January 26th, 2006 ]



November 8th, 2005 ]
Guess what?
I havent updated in awhile so, I am now!! Its amazing i know i know!

But yeah.. Last friday i went over to Taylors house and hung out with; Taylor, Madison and Rachel! We had so much fun dude. We were like prank calling people... and we called my grandma and we're like "Hi is Barbie or Ken there?" and my grandma siad "who?" and we're siad "Barbie or Ken, they are my parents, I'm kelly" and my grandmas like "umm i think you've got the wrong number" and we said "umm no, so she asks what number we were calling and we said her number and shes like "well thats my number but no one lives here by the name of "bobby" and we're like not bobby, barbie. So she hung up on us.. yeah that was fun! Then that night.. taylor spent the night.. and we went to target and famous footware.. but when we were at famous footware.. taylors cell phone died.. so we had to go to target to use the icky pay phone.. and call my mom.. but yeah we didnt know how to use it.. yeah becuase we are retarded, haha.

On Saturday I went to ashleys birthday party.. and yeah.. but i had to leave her party early becuase my dad picked me up.

Sunday when I got back from my dads house me and my mom went to the mall for some gym pants.. but instead I got two sweaters and a belt. After the mall.. we went and picked up my grandma because she wanted to come over and eat. WHEN MY MOM WAS COOKING.. THE STOVE COUGHT OF FIRE! But after THAT... we went to kohls and then I got gym clothes there.

Comment you cuties!

October 22nd, 2005 ]
[ mood | oh yeaaa baby ]

yesterday.. me taylor and shelby..went to haunted house. And of course taylor was scared out of her mind.. and had to bring a blanket and cover her head the whole time!

But after the haunted house we had to drop off shelby :(.. and when we got home me and taylor were texting angelo and all of them like the whole night!

Me and taylor got this thingy.. where when you call our cell phones it plays music instead of ringing.. so taylor got "just the girl" and i got "don't cha".

ha ha sounds like fun right??? yes indeed it was!

But anyways.. theres nothing more to write.. so I will update wayyy later.. i mean way way later!

Comment if you love usss<33

Lyndsey&&Taylor ♥ ♥


October 12th, 2005 ]
[ mood | happy ]

Just updating to update! Comment if you love me<333

Taylor Kelsey Ellie Lauren Alayna Angelo Kevin;; Fun fun can not wait till saturday!!!

I'll update a little later.



October 2nd, 2005 ]
[ mood | hyper ]

Yesterday Ashley spent the night.. and the whole time we made movies! <---ha ha that was fun. After ashley went home I went to taylors house and hung out with her and alayna and we stayed on the computer most of the time looking up cedar pointe because on the 15 me taylor kelsey ellie alayna lauren angelo and kevin going there. On like the day before we go to cedar pointe i have to spend the night at taylors becuase my mom is going to a stupid concert.. and the next day we have to be at romeo by 830 and we're gonna get home at 1 in the morning [[TAYLOR I HAVE NO IDEA WHY WE THOUGHT WHY THAT WAS SO LATE!!!]].

Amanda// I need to talk to you about october and its deff. not good.

Taylor Kelsey Ellie Alayna Lauren Angelo Kevin;;; fun fun.

COMMENT <3333 Tanya you better comment on this one lol



September 27th, 2005 ]
[ mood | ha ha ]

Well...friday was the dance and I thought it was like really boring but I hung out with Cindy and Sandra like the whole time. Then tanya's mom picked me up becuase my mom wanted to pick me up there.. and tanya asked me to go to the movies but we couldn't becuase of CAROLINE lol

^^Ha ha remember I ate that whole can of Funyuns? hahah that was so good

Yesterday I walked up to panera to get a few things with monet! Then after I got back me..amanda and emily walked up to target and met up with amandas boyfriend!! Ha ha

But nothing else to put so I'll update later.

Comment ten comments and I'll update again <3

Amanda//october should be fun!!! lol



September 18th, 2005 ]
[ mood | bouncy ]

wow i havent updated in a long time! But anyways taylor emily tanya and amanda are spending the night.. but emily are amanda are sleeping so me taylor and tanya are still up and we put emilys bra in the freezer and we drenched it in water its the funniest thing ever we're so mean ha ha!! But yea. Today my mom suprised me becuase we went to abc ware house becuase she went there to these stupid speaker stands and shes like go get that stupid ipod haha! But yea tanya got me and taylor the same layout but only taylors is green..and tanyas is gonna be red!!

Comment if you love ussssss

Lyndsey..Taylor..Tanyer..Emily and Mander <33333


August 26th, 2005 ]
[ mood | ha ha idk? ]

Im finally udating for once!!
but yea nothing really exciting
to write so ill write more later
..hah idk



August 15th, 2005 ]
Hmm yeah... Idk :)


August 11th, 2005 ]
[ mood | he he ]

Yesterday I went over to the lovely taylors house like yeah we went to these houses that like I think im moving in to.. and like after we went outside and saw her neighbor [[omgsh lol]] and after we went to my house and she spent the night agian but we didnt do anything special lol.
Today me and taylor went up to stake and shake to see if peggy was up there but yea she wasnt so like yea.. lol.
Ha idk whats gonna be tomorrow lol... ha ha im really bored

Comment if you love me <3 ♥Lyndsey♥


August 8th, 2005 ]
[ mood | excited ]

Omgsh I might be moving into a house this time not a condo lol. But yea today we went to go look at the house and the model of it and its a three bedroom and i think it has three bathrooms and umm yea has a basement but exciting! The house we want is umm almost done so if my mom descides shes gonna get it we will move by the end of the year and stuff but yea im really excited lol.

Comment if you love me <3 lol Lyndsey


August 6th, 2005 ]
[ mood | lazy ]

Comment.. or I wont update.



August 4th, 2005 ]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Yea sunday I got back from michigan adventure with christine and taylor, wow that was sooo much fun! We went to suagatuck and rode dune rides for like an hour. But yea nothing really exciting. But tomorrow I am gonna hang out with ashley saturday i am getting my hair cut and sunday me and taylor are going to the mall to go school shopping. But anyways i will update a little later.



July 29th, 2005 ]
[ mood | excited ]

Tonight I am leaving to go up to Muskegan, becuase on saturday we're going to Michigan's Adventure. But anyway we're only staying till sunday, but sunday we're gonna go to Saugatuck and ride the dune rides... ha ha that will be fun, lol. But yeah I will update later.



July 26th, 2005 ]
[ mood | Hmmm ]

LagunaCollapse )


July 24th, 2005 ]
[ mood | Anxious ]

Hmmmm yeah Idk what to write so umm I will update later!! Taylor I am gonna call you tomorrow... I need to tell you something!



July 18th, 2005 ]
[ mood | ha ha hy-per ]

Hey yeah I just got back from Meijers I did a little school shopping and bought umm 2 pairs of sandles. Ha idk I am just so freaking bored so I am just updating, talking to Amanda and trying to put pictures into photobucket so yeah... I better get alot of comments!! lol

Lyndsey **Amanda... you got your bed downstairs?? thats saweet lol**
Comment you losers [[I think thats how you spell "loser"]


July 18th, 2005 ]
[16 Jul 2005|12:00pm]
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A. Hazel
B. Green
C. Brown
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4. What is your favorite sport out of:
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Bald or any other color- Free Spirit

3. Hazel- Out Going
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The Osbournes- Knows how to have a great time

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I Know What You Did Last Summer- Fun
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