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Yea sunday I got back from michigan adventure with christine and taylor, wow that was sooo much fun! We went to suagatuck and rode dune rides for like an hour. But yea nothing really exciting. But tomorrow I am gonna hang out with ashley saturday i am getting my hair cut and sunday me and taylor are going to the mall to go school shopping. But anyways i will update a little later.

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hey omg u rule i love my lj and i totaly love urs too u rock girl we should hang out more<3

hey omg u rule i love my lj and i totaly love urs too u rock girl we should hang out more<3


Re: hey!


August 4 2005, 21:21:32 UTC 11 years ago

opps srri
muah muah love yeah girl<3


lindsey rox
Hey Jessie!!! I love you too!

Lyndsey **Muah** lol
u have very cute sunglasses!!
^^i want them!!!
and your cute so its a perfect match..
i love ya

My sunglasses??? oh from my umm photo thingy?? lol i am confused

♥ Lyndsey ♥
hay lyndsey this is ashley we are gonna have a blast saturday and i'm gonna go schooll shopping to but on saturday and i got my hair is layered now. so see u in a few, bye bffl,boyscouts love,sugarplum.love ashley
awww kels!! I love you too..

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hey this is krysta i wanted tell u who i was IM me at XgoinbananasX see u when school starts!!!
Hey Krysta.. okay Ill IM you!! lol