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Yesterday Ashley spent the night.. and the whole time we made movies! <---ha ha that was fun. After ashley went home I went to taylors house and hung out with her and alayna and we stayed on the computer most of the time looking up cedar pointe because on the 15 me taylor kelsey ellie alayna lauren angelo and kevin going there. On like the day before we go to cedar pointe i have to spend the night at taylors becuase my mom is going to a stupid concert.. and the next day we have to be at romeo by 830 and we're gonna get home at 1 in the morning [[TAYLOR I HAVE NO IDEA WHY WE THOUGHT WHY THAT WAS SO LATE!!!]].

Amanda// I need to talk to you about october and its deff. not good.

Taylor Kelsey Ellie Alayna Lauren Angelo Kevin;;; fun fun.

COMMENT <3333 Tanya you better comment on this one lol

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