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Guess what?
I havent updated in awhile so, I am now!! Its amazing i know i know!

But yeah.. Last friday i went over to Taylors house and hung out with; Taylor, Madison and Rachel! We had so much fun dude. We were like prank calling people... and we called my grandma and we're like "Hi is Barbie or Ken there?" and my grandma siad "who?" and we're siad "Barbie or Ken, they are my parents, I'm kelly" and my grandmas like "umm i think you've got the wrong number" and we said "umm no, so she asks what number we were calling and we said her number and shes like "well thats my number but no one lives here by the name of "bobby" and we're like not bobby, barbie. So she hung up on us.. yeah that was fun! Then that night.. taylor spent the night.. and we went to target and famous footware.. but when we were at famous footware.. taylors cell phone died.. so we had to go to target to use the icky pay phone.. and call my mom.. but yeah we didnt know how to use it.. yeah becuase we are retarded, haha.

On Saturday I went to ashleys birthday party.. and yeah.. but i had to leave her party early becuase my dad picked me up.

Sunday when I got back from my dads house me and my mom went to the mall for some gym pants.. but instead I got two sweaters and a belt. After the mall.. we went and picked up my grandma because she wanted to come over and eat. WHEN MY MOM WAS COOKING.. THE STOVE COUGHT OF FIRE! But after THAT... we went to kohls and then I got gym clothes there.

Comment you cuties!
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