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sooo<3. Yesterday i hung out with Taylor, Tanya, Brooke & Mel. First taylor was overr & we went to go pick up melll<3then me taylor tanya and mel hung out for a bitt. then we kept calling brooke, cause she wasnt sure if she was going to the mall or not. hahh but brooke came over. and today me and tanya went to the mall for school shopping and today i went for shirtssss. and after me tanya brooke and mel went to the bath city festivall and we rode a few rides. and there was kinda alot of poeople there. but yeah we went home kinda early from there cause tanya didnt feel good. but when me and tanya were sitting on some bench thingy, we seen my unlce alfy and i was like yeah hee looks like my uncle. then i started yelling his name and he like turned around and yeah=]<3well, imm done foor now hoess
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