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mmmmmk. well today wasnt anything speciall. i gott up at 11:26 =] & got up and put up an away and layed in my bed with my doggie and slept until 2:15. lol;; then i got upp and went on the computer for awhile then my momma called me and when she got home i went to applebee's with her and after wen went to barnes and noble booksellers becuase she had a gift card. thenn after, i went home and went on the computer some more. and curled my hairr and took pictures and added them to myspace. tomorrow im finding outt if we're gonna get any deals on flights to new york. i think taylors gonna go with me there=] that should be fun i think. oh and i get my camera back tomorrow becuase it was getting fixedd so i think when i get that back me and my mom are gonna go to sams club and exchange it becuase its like brokeee =/.uh yeah and when we go to new yorkk we get to go see the statue of liberty and go to the atlantic oceannn and stuff. but yeahhhhh

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